Understanding the Levels of Consciousness

This FREE 10-part video series course from Kidest (and with the help of an animated instructor) provides a detailed breakdown of the life-rich consciousness levels. These levels calibrate above 200 on David Hawkins Map of Consciousness (the levels going from Courage to Enlightenment/Unity). Calibrating above 200 indicates an energy field that is increasingly magnetic, empowered, and effective.

By taking this course, you will:

  • Develop a clear and detailed map of consciousness "levels" that reflect empowerment and increasingly coherent bio-fields
  • Understand what each level is
  • Learn how you can calibrate to the level
  • Learn how you can transcend the level

This is a must-learn series for anyone looking to expand and evolve their consciousness into the life-rich and empowered levels.

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Free Course

This is a free course.